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Grounds For Sculpture
Review by Grounds For Sculpture (2005)
Bucks County Herald
Review by Jan Lipes (2005)
Prestigious Living in Central NJ
Review by Diane Tartaglia (2004)
Interview with the Artist
Interview by Aylin Green (2006)
The program “Le Jardin des Artistes” produced by Rich Butterfoss presents Aylin Green interviewing the Artist. For the program as well as the full interview contact Rich Butterfoss ( at BG&VProductions, Pennigton / New Jersey.
Portfolio book about the Artist’s sculptures
Review by Brooke Barrie (2006)
“Beasts (and other Creatures)” by Dana L. Stewart includes a selection of his sculptures. Design, photo editing and photography are done by A. R. Wilkinson, (Wilkinson Media Inc.).